3 Problems Guaranteed to


Ruin The Day (and Night) of Any Commercial Pool Operator


(And Jeopardize the Safety of Your Swimmers)



1. Poor Water Quality


The daily goal of any qualified pool manager is to maintain crystal clear and chemically safe water levels, while protecting their budgets whenever possible. To address this Aquatic Source created our unique Asset Protection Program . It is the only program of it's kind in Michigan (maybe the entire country). You can learn more about how we protect your pool assets by clicking on this link. 

To help you maintain a safe and healthy pool, Aquatic Source also stocks over 30,000 parts in our 5,000 square foot warehouse. For current customers, in stock parts and supplies can be delivered within 24-hours of your call.

And if regular, scheduled delivery of supplies is what you need, we can do that too. Just tell us how often you want a delivery and we’ll be there. No need to worry about placing orders or running out of chemicals at the critical moment. Our goal is to help you get your water stabilized and your pool back up and running as quickly as possible.

2. Malfunctioning Pool Equipment

One of the many challenges faced by pool managers is equipment malfunction – especially when it happens on the hottest day of the year. Getting help quickly is essential.

The best way to prevent an emergency is to perform our unique 150 point Aquatic Inspection at least once a year. The results of this inspection will help you to plan your maintenance workload and budget for the coming year.

We provide a detailed checklist of everything we've inspected and review our findings with your maintenance staff and your management team.

Should an emergency arise during your pool season and on-site help is what you need, a quick response is what you can expect from Aquatic Source. For our current customers we offer Michigan's only Emergency Response Time Guarantee.

3. Inexperienced Pool Staff


The lack of trained and experienced pool staff can lead to unsafe chemical levels in your pool, dangerous chemical spills, wasted supplies, rising costs, maintenance problems and bodily injury to employees and swimmers.

Aquatic Source understands the challenges you face when training your staff and we’ve done something about it.

Aquatic Source is proud to be the founder of MichiganPoolNews.com, a free online educational resource specifically designed for your pool staff. This website contains  articles and videos to help your staff understand the steps that they need to take to maintain crystal clear water in your pool. This information is available to any commercial pool operator as a public service fo Aquatic Source.

For our current customers we also design a custom training program to bring your staff up to speed quickly. Our goal is to make your job easier and your pool safer


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